SATNER Business Solutions is a dynamic Small Enterprise Customer Relationship Company established in 2002 and incorporated in 2005. SATNER Corporation has continually evolved into a Design Think Consultation company focusing on bringing success to growing enterprises requiring structured business planning and organization through simplicity and straightforward integration. Our new approach to Business through our Mentorship Program has proven invaluable.

Our mentorship approach allows for Inspired leadership that instills life long core values of successful thinking, guidance and motivation.

Our mission is to provide a strong relationship with our clients through core fundamentals of:

  • Project Management (Certified PMP)
  • Design Think Principles
  • Conception Planning Methodos
  • Strategic Outsourcing Model
  • Business and Technology Innovation

SATNER is able to realize success in our clients through a Design Think/Mentorship Progam that has been developed through core fundamentals for OCT Standards.

SATNER Business Solutions thrives on challenges! Thrives on Success…