Design Think?

Problems and solutions go hand in hand.  Dealing with a problem involves a solution that is well planned and executed.  Where do external parties come into play? Professionals such as consultants come into an organization when a problem exists. The consultant is an expert at dealing with that specific type of problem and provides a solution based on previous experience.  Almost always, bypassed is the team’s thoughts and potential solutions available through that team’s experience.  Is it a waste of money to jump to a solution specialist? Well not always.  Time and money always plays a role; how about another way?

Design Think is an old concept applied to new business concepts.  The simple word to describe it is abductive reasoning.  Usually we look at a problem in a deductive manor.  We conceptualize an idea, question it, create dilemma or problem and deduce a workable solution.  Abductive problem solving focuses on more creative resolutions involving other aspects of knowledge.  Hence, the “Out of the Box Thinking” is introduced. Buzz phrase of phrases. Out of the box thinking is being able to think outside of the normality to solving the problem.  This being said, creativity must be high in order to have out of the ordinary ideas.

Innovation is a direct result as solutions are created outside the regular norm.  To be innovated by definition, is to have a solution never used before.  More and more, companies have become well known for their innovation as different industries find solutions for their customers through innovation.  The reason why Design Think is becoming popular in everyday businesses begins from the ability to see the customer’s values first and solve inwards to the processes that deliver the product in an efficient cost affordable manner.

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