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Believe me … or DON’T

I am running a marathon… or at least I think.. last few months now… is it will or hope? The question I often ask myself!

I am actually running a marathon in the arctic, barefoot and shirtless?  When starting a new venture you analyze all and take risks… risks I took.

Small business is all about risk. Whether you quit your job to start a venture… or you build on it over time… to take the plunge, one thing is for certain… you made a choice and now you need to keep going!

The usual trip of an entrepreneur starts with a dream. Starts with a dream that aims to make things better! As things progress, one begins to think that all is good and success is on the way. As the wheal starts to role, one begins to gain great confidence only to be shut down with reality a short while later.

What happens? What turns the tide from happiness to disparity?

Reality! Yes, reality hits and we realize that the business world was not as we thought it would be. All the sudden success isn’t as promised (as we thought) nor as we expected.  We are now chasing a dream and not a goal. The key word here is goal. People get stuck in an adventure hoping that all goes well but when do we know to go on or quit?

I like to think that this is the point we start analyzing where we are at. Can we figure it out or do we need help? Can we keep going or should we quit? The questions are there but do we have an answer…

The point that we need is to stop and think, and say yes, we need a break from reality, we need a break from fakeness… we need a chance at a new beginning.  This is the point where we stop, no thinking, not actions, just being still.

Stillness is the key to my success. I absorb all my emotions (negative and positive) and allow them to settle down. Usually this is during my coffee break! I create a mind map of things that need to be done to change the tide and jump on the first idea that I think will bring me success.

Why does it work for me?

It works for one reason… when you have no emotion in an idea you have no biased opinion… you are using your mind, your knowledge and experience.

My next article will be all about my “NIKOS strategy”; the third person approach! Conveniently the cure to regret!

Design Think Explosion? Why Now?

Several factors can contribute to the reason as to why Design Think is being use now.  Technology and competition are probably the two biggest contributors.  As technology evolves so does communication.  Innovation in fundamentals breed growth and prosperity for companies and creative means is the key to this success.  Big companies like Apple, RIM, Proctor and Gamble etc. have relied on this design think to grow their companies and be competitive leaders. So, why now?

Firstly, direct results have been achieved as businesses increase outsourcing to third parties.  Businesses are turning their production to project based methodologies.  This project based methodology has allowed companies to shrink problems into workable dilemmas where companies can think creatively and find a workable solution.

Secondly, design think has increased with the growth of social media; word of mouth has evolved to exponential growth on steroids.  A customer can complain and in a matter of days sales have significantly dropped. On the other hand a customer can make a recommendation and sales increase.

Design Think can take both of these cases and work backwards to find a workable solution in real time; breeding innovation with a small turnaround time. Let’s not be discouraged.  Design think can be attractable not only to big business but small business too.