Wish your text messages would get deleted? Try Tell, the new private messaging app!

You know that moment when you wish the message you just sent to your friend would be deleted for good once they read it?

Tell is an app on iPhone that innovates how we send messages to our contacts with specifics that will knock your socks off. The two biggest features are a Timer and a Deadline for messages that are sent.

Have we been in these situations before where we wanted these features? I think we can all come up with a few. Business partners, relationships, during the bar extravaganza where too many drinks make for some happy texting?

Let’s say you have a message that you want to send to your friend but you won’t want them to keep it for long. You can set a timer for the amount of time it remains on their phone. It then deletes off the phone come that time!

The Deadline feature allows you to set a time where if the message is read or not it will just disappear… poof! Gone! Say what? Yes, so if you are in a bar and you send a stupid message to someone, you will be confident to know the next morning that the message is no more!

Tell App Icon

Tell Icon

Interesting fact about the creators: This is their very first go in the entrepreneurial ring. A knock out for sure! Co-founders; Marc Lafleur, Jonathan Makrakis, Shaheen & Sam Zangooi, currently have Tell in open testing mode on the App Store, and they have followed the life cycle to the tee, albeit without technical background’s or expertise. This mobile app is built by users, for users, said Lafleur and Makrakis. With their new 2.0 version on the way (more features) and it expected on the Android platform very soon, the 4 partners from Waterloo are moving forward at a pace that most app developers would love to have! Investment opportunity for sure.

Their inception of the idea was quite simple: Wouldn’t it be great to be able to send private messages to friends, and have it delete with no message history?

Their growth in the idea spawned with real life scenarios and yes I think you thought of a few while reading this article!

Download the app through the App Store and try it out with your friends, and enjoy the experience!

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Stand Up Meetings … Nikos Advice (PM Network Magazine)

Clever bee… where do you find the time?

Finding times for meetings is sometimes challenging and overall a headache when you have a project on the line and the team scattered on tasks. The questions PM’s always ask is how do you manage?

Simply put I don’t believe in big meetings. I don’t believe that sitting through an hour meeting once a week has any positive impact. This being said, traditionally and for many years this has been the norm. I don’t fight it when an organization wants it done this way. I don’t fight it when a manager wants it this way.

A simple method that can help improve meeting performance are stand up meetings. Stand up meetings are great for those who have to get things done and need to inclusively pass the messages along.  Why have an hour meeting when you can have a few a day that are 5 – 10 minutes?

Check out the article attached from the PM Network Magazine. Yours’ truly has provided some insight in the article regarding stand up meetings and the wonderful world of changing the flow!