I am planning a project. Do I need professional assistance?

Most firms push for a consultation that is tedious and focuses only on the project itself. A process that requires more than the given availability both in dollars and time. What can one do to be more efficient on the decision of a project?

Seek advice from someone who has done it before!

Very simple and logical, no?

Last fall we had a client call who asked is it good to go with the cloud or not? The simple problem they faced involved the change that would result in the firm operation by implementing the cloud. They never thought about it before. The client just thought about the dollars spent and the resulting savings that would occur.

Advice on what is required is based on the project specifications and the firm’s successful implantation on a financial scale. Some projects can be done in house and some require a dedicated team. Being able to make a decision on the route your company takes should be a profound educated choice.

So, let’s look at a situation.

You have a project that you are thinking about. The project will cost at least 60 thousand dollars on an assumption based on what others have done before. This be the real end scenario we are happy. But let’s face it, we have a project to run and a business that is running.
The professional assistance is based on competence of the team trying to start the new project. If a company does not have the resources to make a project work it will inevitably fail. The CFO, controller or stakeholder should be in line with their business fully knowing their capabilities.

A quick snapshot of the financials it is often a great indicator of what can be done and thus a great indicator of how much professional assistance is needed.

Any PM with experience will ask, is this a project that is required? Does it have a budget? What is the time line?