How can I Sell My Idea to the Boss?

Is dealing with the boss a challenge? Do you have an idea but not sure how to sell it to the boss? Is this something you want changed?

Simply put, the boss is human and only needs a simple push in the right direction. Our concept of the boss is shaped by the self-developed assumption of who the boss is.

Our belief is that he is the guy who can fire us!

This methodology is not only flawed but a travesty to our working understanding of life. The actual idea behind it stems from society engraving it in our minds from day one and letting it blossom into a normal habit of thinking. A new habit needs to be instilled this being:

If one wants success they need to achieve it by being what they are. Simply, a working solution.

So, instead of worrying about how to sell the ideas, work on how to understand the idea in the eyes of the boss. Look at it from their perspective. Understand more than your idea in an isolated form and place it in the light of their working world.

Every boss knows that there are many aspect to making a decision but let’s look at two parts. The first is based on the idea and the second on the budget/dollars. Sometimes a third is introduced that is on personal wants and needs but let’s avoid it until it gets complicated.

Focus on the sale in light of the bosses thought process and then bring back the playbook on sales that you read. Skill sets are developed over time and this no doubt is a skill set. One that you will be developing for many years!

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